Soul Retrieval
Soul loss is a survival technique.  If we did not experience it, we would die.  The soul part that leaves is the part
that cannot live the life that is occurring.  Sometimes the part that leaves is the part that allows us to feel love,
or joy, or trust.  Without that piece, we simply are unable to have those feelings.  Most people have experienced
soul loss without being aware of it, because the event that caused it may have occurred when they were an
infant.  But soul loss can also occur from the death of someone close, the end of a relationship, physical or
psychological abuse, a frightening event, abandonment, or betrayal.  Inability to recall one’s childhood is a
symptom of soul loss.  Many, many people were left in their cribs to cry as a baby, resulting in soul loss.  Who
among us has NOT experienced a loss of some kind?

Where does the “Soul Part” go?
The soul part that flees the body goes to one of the other “worlds.” In almost every shamanic culture, there are
three “worlds,” -- the Upper World (or Hanaqpacha, in Andean Shamanism), the Middle World (Kaypacha), and
the Lower World (Uhupacha).  The lower world is not the Underworld, but is simply called “lower” because it is
within the earth, and is accessed by a tunnel or portal into the earth.

Most soul parts flee to the Lower World.  There are caves, streams, trees, and many animals and teachers
who are there to help and support us.  Soul parts that are in the Middle World usually were involved in an
accident or surgery, and so many soul parts are in hospitals, or suspended in time at busy intersections.

In my experience, the soul parts who are in the Upper World are there for one of two reasons: they either
thought they were dying (as in a near-death experience) and went on ahead, or they never were born with the
rest of their soul in the first place; they “saw” the life they were about to have, and chose not to accompany the
rest of the soul to the body at birth.

In the Soul Retrieval healing process, we first identify the major causes of loss for the client.  The chakras, or
energy centers of the body, are like “bolts” that connect the physical body to the energy body. We determine
where, in their energy body/chakra system, a trauma has settled, and clear it using “extraction” techniques.  
Also removed are any soul energies (entities) from foreign sources and inappropriate connections (cords) to
other people.

After  clearing  the chakras, the shaman “journeys” into the other worlds to locate and “retrieve” the lost soul
parts, and returns to this world to put the soul parts back into the client (by blowing them into the chest.)  
Information of great use to the client can be obtained during this process, including discovering the reason the
client decided to be born to the life they have, and what they wanted to accomplish with this incarnation.

Even one Soul Retrieval will have a profound effect on a person’s life, cutting through years of psychotherapy
or other healing systems, because the energy of the past events is removed, allowing the client to dance
through life without the weight of their history.

“Now all is at peace within me-----Now all has a place to call home.”
The SOUL, or vital essence of one’s being, is the life-giving force that journeys
with us from one lifetime to the next.  It is the Vital Energy that informs our energy
body and physical body.  The Soul carries within it the information for wellness,
and also memories of past lives.  When we are born, we make a promise to
ourselves that we will live a particular life, in order to evolve and blossom.  In the
Soul Retrieval process, we can determine what this promise is, and ensure that
healing can occur to allow us to fulfill this promise to ourselves.
When we experience a trauma or stress of various kinds, a portion
(sometimes big, sometimes little) of the soul departs from our body and
goes to another world, or reality, to await the final reunion.  When we
accumulate a series of soul losses, we are unable to focus on our
evolution and spiritual awakening.  Sometimes when much of the soul
is gone, the individual has many accidents or illnesses.  Fibromyalgia,
for example, responds well to the bioenergetic healing effects of Soul