Medicine Wheel
Mary Rutherford has studied shamanic traditions for over thirty years.  She has
traveled to remote regions in the Andes Mountains and the Amazon Rainforest
to learn directly from the indigenous shamans.  She was initiated by the Q'ero
shamans of Peru, who are the direct descendants of the Incas.  The Q'ero
people receded deep into the high Andes 500 years ago to preserve their body
of knowledge and their culture.  

Mary combines her expertise in anthropology, psychology, natural healing
methods, and the workin
gs of the human spirit to guide people to new vision
and personal transformation.  Her passion for these healing traditions
radiates through her daily life.  She has taugh
t workshops across the United
States, and regularly brings groups to Peru to study with the indigenous
The Circle
by Nancy Wood

All is a circle within me,
I am ten thousand winters old.
I am as young as a newborn flower.
I am a buffalo in its grave.
I am a tree in bloom
All is a circle within me.

I have seen the world through an eagle's eyes.
I have seen it from a gopher's hole.
I have seen the world on fire,
And the sky without a moon.
All is a circle within me.

I have gone into the earth and out again.
I have gone to the edge of the sky.
Now all is at peace within me.
Now all has a place to come home.

By Nancy C. Wood
©2017 Nancy Wood Literary Trust,