An interest in service to others through healing led Dr. Mary
Rutherford along a wide-ranging path. Her initial focus was in the
area of cancer research, where for eight years she examined
specific actions of the immune system, at the University of
Minnesota. Frustration with the questions that were asked about the
cause of an illness resulted in her desire to work in more direct
healing systems, and she then worked for four years for the
Minnesota Heart Study and other related clinical studies.

However, philosophical considerations led her to explore many
other systems of healing. After graduating from Northwestern
Health Sciences University with her Doctor of Chiropractic degree in
1982, she founded Crescenterra Health Center in St. Paul,
Minnesota, with the goal of uniting the practices of numerous
practitioners to provide comprehensive alternative health care in a
single location.

Dr. Rutherford’s philosophy is that we all have the innate (inborn)
ability to heal ourselves; that healing is a continuous, ongoing
process that spirals through a series of stages; that a commitment
to personal, interpersonal, and planetary well-being can lead one to
express her/his full potential.

These philosophies are grounded in some basic healing methods
that can result in a clear flow of energy through the spinal system
and head, following the flow of cerebrospinal fluid (the fluid in which
our brain and spinal cord are bathed.) This flow can spiral outward
into the energy field around each person, and create a feeling of
clarity and wellness. Any symptoms that may be associated with the
lack of flow can be eliminated through the clearing process, the
chiropractic treatment.

There is evidence that each symptom we develop corresponds to a
specific pattern of structural, emotional, and chemical stress. The
purpose of healing is not to just eliminate these symptoms,
because they are a signal that something needs to change.

Western medicine attempts to suppress or repress symptoms, but
frequently these attempts only drive an illness deeper, to emerge
later in another form. True healing involves changing the physical
structure, the emotions, the chemistry (through nutritional changes,
herbs, or homeopathic remedies), and the mental and spiritual
aspects of one’s life.

For example, headaches may result from misalignments in the
neck, head, or the pelvic bones, from food allergies, or from
emotional stress. Determining the cause, and making the
corrections, result in the elimination of the symptom. Taking a pill to
suppress the pain does not result in true healing.

Dr. Rutherford uses certain specific techniques or systems, to
accomplish the desired changes. These include:
Technique (SOT), Bio Cranial Therapy, Network Spinal Analysis,
CranioSacral Therapy, Mechanical Link, Zero Balancing,
Reconnective Therapy, manual soft tissue techniques, Reiki,
MariEl, and Kofutu healing, nutritional and dietary balancing. Dr.
Rutherford is a certified instructor in Advanced Sacro-Occipital
Technique, and assists in teaching CranioSacral Therapy
workshops. She has also studied extensively with Peruvian
healers, and incorporates this knowledge in her work.

Dr. Rutherford’s work has been beneficial in alleviating
muscle/skeletal symptoms (back pain, joint problems, etc.),
digestive imbalances, headaches, cranial and jaw problems, food
sensitivities/allergies. Her work is very gentle, so even babies can
benefit, especially after a difficult birth experience. Care during
pregnancy, for newborns and children, and for the elderly, is offered
with the calm tone necessary for the healing process. She can
guide you through cleansing programs, diet changes, and suggest
other practitioners who might help along the healing path.
Chiropractor, Director of Crescenterra Health
Center, P.A.
"Wherever you stand, be the
Soul of that place."  Rumi